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Quote: Maya Angelou

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”


I Am: Jamaican


Why Did He Spit on Me?

I was walking on Geary Street in San Francisco on a sunny day. A man walking toward me paused, turned toward me, and spit on my face. He turned away and kept walking. I don’t […]


I AM: African American


They’re not different, they’re just like me!

Participants of a Safe Places workshop at Salisbury University, designed to help people reduce the often hostile workplace environments in which LBGTQ navigate their daily lives, were asked to reflect on what they had learned […]


Youth Voice


Girls can play too!

Most people say that only men are good at soccer.  Girls can play too!  Women can play as good as men.  It is proven by my favorite team Brandon lasses U.K.  They played undefeated.  My […]


I AM: White


I Am: someone who loves to wear black


Should athletics reflect personality?

I am an athlete, does that mean I need to maintain the same social life as my teammates? I have always been heavily involved in sports and have found most of my friends through them. […]


Gender and Sexuality Neutral Nursery Rhymes

At a recent Safe Places workshop designed to help people reduce the often hostile workplace environments in which LBGT navigate their daily lives participants were asked to examine and rewrite nursery rhymes to make them […]


I AM: An International Student

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