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Simmering Conflicts

The relations between whites and people of color are often polite on the surface but with simmering conflicts waiting to erupt.


Does being a male athlete make me less intelligent?

I have been discriminated against for being a male athlete. The basis of discrimination was that I am less intelligent and overall lazier that other people, including female athletes. This has affected my life in […]


Real Human Connection Takes Time to Develop

In the late nineteen seventies, as I neared completion of graduate school, I had one of the best learning experiences.  This occurred near the end of my graduate program in counseling.  I was working as […]


Mississippi 1968

The summer of 1968 began like every year before. The day after school ended, my mother filled a Tupperware bowl with her delicious fried chicken and packed my sister and me into the car for […]


I AM: A Person who Believes


I am Who I am

This kind of choice should be accepted in our world.  As a kid I was teased from middle school all the way through high school, so I know what it’s like to be judged by […]


Women Deserve Equal Treatment

We must end the oppression of women around the world.  Women are capable of doing the same jobs and earning the same pay. We CAN do it!


I AM: An Advocate


I am: A guy in love with another guy


Neighbors Speak Their Minds About That Lady Up the Street

Neighbors Speak Their Minds About That Lady Up the Street She falls in love with all she meets, the fool. Can’t choose among a daisy, rose, or weed but crams them all in one bouquet […]


I am: Retired


I Am: Short

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