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Neighbors Speak Their Minds About That Lady Up the Street

Neighbors Speak Their Minds About That Lady Up the Street She falls in love with all she meets, the fool. Can’t choose among a daisy, rose, or weed but crams them all in one bouquet […]


Should political values reflect personality traits?

I am a child of conservative parents, does that mean that I am necessarily conservative myself? For most of my life, my parents have held me to the same conservative values that they hold themselves. […]


Does being a male athlete make me less intelligent?

I have been discriminated against for being a male athlete. The basis of discrimination was that I am less intelligent and overall lazier that other people, including female athletes. This has affected my life in […]


I AM: A Gay Male


Ignoring What We Don’t Understand Hurts Us All

Participants of a Safe Places workshop at Salisbury University, designed to help people reduce the often hostile workplace environments in which LBGTQ navigate their daily lives, were asked to reflect on what they had learned […]


Assumptions about women, marriage and family

I feel fortunate to be married to a wonderful man and to have 2 beautiful children. The road to get to this life was long and there were a few bumps in the road. When […]


I am: A guy in love with another guy


There is (was) more Diversity than you Might Think in Calvert County

There is a lot more diversity than one would think in Calvert County. In both the fishing and farming communities where I lived in Calvert County, I knew of a mosque, a synagogue, and there […]


Not old enough!

I hate it when adults say “You’re not old enough!” Or it says on the box of a game or a toy that I have to be a certain age to play it. My Dad […]


I Am: A person with a disability


I AM: Irish


I AM: An International Student

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