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I AM: A Person who Believes


They’re not different, they’re just like me!

Participants of a Safe Places workshop at Salisbury University, designed to help people reduce the often hostile workplace environments in which LBGTQ navigate their daily lives, were asked to reflect on what they had learned […]


Invisible People


They look at you differently

I am originally from India. I came here in 1989 but had a car accident in March of 1990. This accident caused me a brain injury and spinal chord injury which affected my speech and […]


Is being white and being privileged two inseparable characteristics?

I never thought I was privileged, in fact my family doesn’t believe that anyone should get anything they don’t work for. Even though my parents make enough money to send me and my four siblings […]


I AM: Nigerian


I AM: An International Student


I Am: Skinny


I Am: Short


I Am: An African American


Does being a male athlete make me less intelligent?

I have been discriminated against for being a male athlete. The basis of discrimination was that I am less intelligent and overall lazier that other people, including female athletes. This has affected my life in […]


Discrimination goes both ways

My son was having problems with a physical bully in his class. My son is white in a predominantly African American school.  The bully was so bad he hit his 1st grade teacher and the […]

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How do you usually respond when someone tells a racist or sexist joke?

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