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Ethnicity and Race

I am a white male, does this mean I have more privileges?


Should political values reflect personality traits?

I am a child of conservative parents, does that mean that I am necessarily conservative myself? For most of my life, my parents have held me to the same conservative values that they hold themselves. […]


Ignorance Feeds Stereotypes




I was bullied a lot in middle school. I never had a boyfriend, because to me it seemed strange to have one at such a young age (plus my father would have never allowed it!), […]


Peaceful Co-existence Isn’t a New Concept

The Peace sign still holds hope for a better world.  It evokes an emotional response in me of happiness, well-being and harmony.  As a young teen  and adult growing up in the 30’s and 70’s […]


I AM: a Gamer


I Am: Privileged


I am: from Massachusetts


“In God we trust”

I am not so sure that the words “In God we trust” should be on the dollar bill. I personally like and believe in this saying but some people believe in this saying and some […]


I Am: an Athlete


Does being a male athlete make me less intelligent?

I have been discriminated against for being a male athlete. The basis of discrimination was that I am less intelligent and overall lazier that other people, including female athletes. This has affected my life in […]


I Am: A teenager

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