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I AM: An International Student


Invisible People


Black People who use the “N” Word Offend Me

Should anyone be allowed to use the “n” word? Black or white?  When Obama was running for president, I was in a meeting with a community member who is well known in my neighborhood.  She […]


Beauty in Strength

I’ve always been different. Yeah, what a stereotype in its self: everyone thinks that they’re that one purple flower in a field of yellow. And of course, they’re right! Every person is their own person. […]


Confederate Flag

  My son had a confederate flag on his bedroom wall when he was 15, does that mean I am a biggot?


I AM: A Black Female


Disabled Veterans Need More Support

I believe many disabled veterans are abused despite their dedication to “protect” their nation.  They struggle daily to survive just to eat and get gas money because of the injuries they received while in battle.  […]


I am: A female who wears men’s clothing


I AM: from Africa


I am: Retired


I AM: Different


Why Did He Spit on Me?

I was walking on Geary Street in San Francisco on a sunny day. A man walking toward me paused, turned toward me, and spit on my face. He turned away and kept walking. I don’t […]

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How do you usually respond when someone tells a racist or sexist joke?

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