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What do you hear most?

The graphic represents the words/phrases participants in a Safe Places workshop hear most to hurt, shame or marginalize LBGTQ individuals in their daily lives.


I AM: from Africa


Beauty in Strength

I’ve always been different. Yeah, what a stereotype in its self: everyone thinks that they’re that one purple flower in a field of yellow. And of course, they’re right! Every person is their own person. […]



I am a white male, does that mean I am a racist?


There is (was) more Diversity than you Might Think in Calvert County

There is a lot more diversity than one would think in Calvert County. In both the fishing and farming communities where I lived in Calvert County, I knew of a mosque, a synagogue, and there […]


Simmering Conflicts

The relations between whites and people of color are often polite on the surface but with simmering conflicts waiting to erupt.


I AM: An Artist


I AM: Irish


Ethnicity and Race

I am a white male, does this mean I have more privileges?


“That’s so gay!”

At a recent Safe Places workshop designed to help people reduce the often hostile workplace environments in which LBGTQ navigate their daily lives participants were asked to reflect on the “power of words” as a […]


I AM: Democrat


I AM: a Christian

Question Of The Week

How do you usually respond when someone tells a racist or sexist joke?

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