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Women have to Constantly Prove Themselves

I am a white female.  I have always worked in male dominated fields. I use to be in the business of law enforcement. I dealt with a lot of sexism during my years of service […]


I am: Retired


I am: A female who wears men’s clothing


I Am: A White Male


I Am: Jamaican


Race is a Very Confusing Thing

So, race is a very confusing thing. On the East Coast I am prejudged a white woman of privilege (at least until you get to know me). When I go to Oklahoma, people can see […]


Quote: James Baldwin

“Words like freedom, justice, democracy are not common concepts; on the contrary, they are rare. People are not born knowing what these are. It takes enormous and, above all, individual effort to arrive at the […]


Black People who use the “N” Word Offend Me

Should anyone be allowed to use the “n” word? Black or white?  When Obama was running for president, I was in a meeting with a community member who is well known in my neighborhood.  She […]


I am: a college student


I Look Forward to the Day…

Participants of a Safe Places workshop at Salisbury University, designed to help people reduce the often hostile workplace environments in which LBGTQ navigate their daily lives, were asked to reflect on what they had learned […]


Discrimination goes both ways

My son was having problems with a physical bully in his class. My son is white in a predominantly African American school.  The bully was so bad he hit his 1st grade teacher and the […]


I Am: someone who loves to wear black

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How do you usually respond when someone tells a racist or sexist joke?

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