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I was bullied a lot in middle school. I never had a boyfriend, because to me it seemed strange to have one at such a young age (plus my father would have never allowed it!), […]


I am: a college student


I AM: A Girl Wearing Boxers


I AM: Irish


I AM: Gay


How do I defy definition?

No human being is self-referential.  We define ourselves by experience and perspective.  Our perspective is a combination of feelings and situational awareness.


Not old enough!

I hate it when adults say “You’re not old enough!” Or it says on the box of a game or a toy that I have to be a certain age to play it. My Dad […]


Should athletics reflect personality?

I am an athlete, does that mean I need to maintain the same social life as my teammates? I have always been heavily involved in sports and have found most of my friends through them. […]


Peaceful Co-existence Isn’t a New Concept

The Peace sign still holds hope for a better world.  It evokes an emotional response in me of happiness, well-being and harmony.  As a young teen  and adult growing up in the 30’s and 70’s […]


Do Veterans Get Unfair Advantage?

I have worked on a local, county, and state level in government and in education.  I have seen some veterans (who are not disabled) get unfair advantages.  Are the services and our motives really getting […]


Real Human Connection Takes Time to Develop

In the late nineteen seventies, as I neared completion of graduate school, I had one of the best learning experiences.  This occurred near the end of my graduate program in counseling.  I was working as […]


I AM: from Africa

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