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Can a sport define who you are?

At my school, a small school so everyone pretty much knows everyone, it seems like each varsity sports team has their own general stereotype that seems to spread to the individual players as well. I […]


I AM: A Female


I AM: An International Student


Why Did He Spit on Me?

I was walking on Geary Street in San Francisco on a sunny day. A man walking toward me paused, turned toward me, and spit on my face. He turned away and kept walking. I don’t […]


I Didn’t Realize I was Prejudiced

I didn’t realize that I was prejudiced until I noticed that I felt surprised when American English came out the mouth of my third generation Japanese-American college roommate when I first met her.


I Am: Nigerian


Discrimination in Schools

I used to be discriminated against based on the people that I hung out with and my focus on academics. I was called all sorts of things from nerd to freak and people would always […]


Real Human Connection Takes Time to Develop

In the late nineteen seventies, as I neared completion of graduate school, I had one of the best learning experiences.  This occurred near the end of my graduate program in counseling.  I was working as […]


I am a white man. Does that mean I am prejudiced?

My first answer is almost a kneejerk – “No, I’m not prejudiced.”  But that’s too easy.  And it’s not correct.  What if I asked instead, “I am alive?  Does that mean I am prejudiced?”  Surely, […]


Women have to Constantly Prove Themselves

I am a white female.  I have always worked in male dominated fields. I use to be in the business of law enforcement. I dealt with a lot of sexism during my years of service […]


Why is it Taboo now to say “Merry Christmas?”

Freedom of religion is gone when we can’t say “Merry Christmas” anymore without risk of being fired.  Wasn’t our country based on religious freedom?


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