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Not just an Athlete

I am an athlete. Does that mean all I do is play my sport? I only lift, run, practice and party? I love music. I love my friends. I go to a liberal arts college […]


Neighbors Speak Their Minds About That Lady Up the Street

Neighbors Speak Their Minds About That Lady Up the Street She falls in love with all she meets, the fool. Can’t choose among a daisy, rose, or weed but crams them all in one bouquet […]


I am Who I am

This kind of choice should be accepted in our world.  As a kid I was teased from middle school all the way through high school, so I know what it’s like to be judged by […]


Assumptions about women, marriage and family

I feel fortunate to be married to a wonderful man and to have 2 beautiful children. The road to get to this life was long and there were a few bumps in the road. When […]


Can a sport define who you are?

At my school, a small school so everyone pretty much knows everyone, it seems like each varsity sports team has their own general stereotype that seems to spread to the individual players as well. I […]


I Am: African American


Do Veterans Get Unfair Advantage?

I have worked on a local, county, and state level in government and in education.  I have seen some veterans (who are not disabled) get unfair advantages.  Are the services and our motives really getting […]


Women Deserve Equal Treatment

We must end the oppression of women around the world.  Women are capable of doing the same jobs and earning the same pay. We CAN do it!


Do words have power?

At a recent Safe Places workshop designed to help people reduce the often hostile workplace environments in which LBGTQ navigate their daily lives participants were asked to reflect on the “power of words” as a […]


I AM: from a military family


Girls can play too!

Most people say that only men are good at soccer.  Girls can play too!  Women can play as good as men.  It is proven by my favorite team Brandon lasses U.K.  They played undefeated.  My […]


I Didn’t Realize I was Prejudiced

I didn’t realize that I was prejudiced until I noticed that I felt surprised when American English came out the mouth of my third generation Japanese-American college roommate when I first met her.

Question Of The Week

How do you usually respond when someone tells a racist or sexist joke?

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